Kevin Love: The Untrue Hollywood Story

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It sounds like the perfect Hollywood story: the California kid who played college ball at UCLA comes home to rescue his favorite once-great franchise. This, however, is not a movie. And Kevin Love is not the Los Angeles Lakers‘ savior. […]

The Los Angeles Lakers Can Contend Next Season

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The 2014 season has hit Los Angeles Lakers fans like a right hook from Mike Tyson. Kobe Bryant broke down —again. Steve Nash just played his seventh  game, one more than Bryant, and the Lakers are in an unfamiliar place in the […]

Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol is Worth More Than You Think

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Pau Gasol can’t catch a break in L.A. He’s been punched by Phil Jackson and called weak by Kobe Bryant. Heck, Mike D’antoni’s first act as Los Angeles Lakers saboteur was benching Gasol. The way the Lakers’ franchise treats Pau, it’s […]

Magic Johnson Says Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Isn’t a “Great One”

Kobe Bryant

When former Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson tweets we pay attention. And when his tweet says something disparaging about the team we reflexively get mad — even when he’s right. The great ones Michael, Larry, Kareem, LeBron and now Kevin Durant can […]

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Deserves All-Star Start

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The All-Star game is concerned with one stat, votes. And Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant scored plenty — 988,884 to be exact. It doesn’t matter that he’s approaching his lowest totals in points, rebounds and most noticeable games played since his […]

Kobe Bryant’s 81: Remembering the Greatest Performance Fans Will Ever See

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Eight years ago Tuesday, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Toronto Raptors. When the game ended, Bryant had scored 81 points, the second most in NBA history. But more importantly, he put on the most impressive scoring […]