2014 NBA Playoffs: Dwyane Wade’s Defense Is Becoming A Liability For Miami Heat

Shaun Livingston

Thanks to LeBron James, the Miami Heat have an opportunity to be the first team to advance to round three. More importantly, in some people’s minds, this is a chance for the champs to finally throw dirt on the hole […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Go All LeBron James Everything

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game Four

Paul Pierce bragged about asking coach Jason Kidd to guard his biggest rival (LeBron James) before Game 2 of the Brooklyn Nets-Miami Heat series; but Brooklyn lost that game, so they never mentioned it. Fast-forward to a Game 3 win […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Losing Doesn’t Bring Out Miami Heat’s Sense of Urgency

v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

“Why should there be a fear factor, it’s just basketball,” Miami Heat forward LeBron James said. “We’re not trying to win a war here, it’s just basketball.” (ESPN) “Maybe the success we’ve had has been hindering us from getting to […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Falling Victim to Their Own Faults

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game 3

The thoughts and views of the Miami Heat have varied so much over the past couple of days that something was bound to go wrong. One minute commentators were telling you that coach Erik Spoelstra would like to see his […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Look Uninterested In Competing for 48 Minutes

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat - Game 2

Being happy and being satisfied seem similar, but when you break things down in the NBA the two words are oh so different. For instance, the Miami Heat should be satisfied with their win last night, but not happy with […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Must Dare To Be Different

Brooklyn Nets

The Miami Heat have been different for the past four years. They get criticized differently, have a different energy when they walk into an opposing arena and wilder expectations to live up to. So why not go out tonight and […]

Miami Heat: Attack Of The Others Part 2

Brooklyn Nets v

Health and balance are the two words that the Miami Heat have been using a lot this year. It has been the excuse for their up and down season as well as an emphasis of why they were not going […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Chris Bosh Is The Key To Miami Heat’s Second Round Success

Brooklyn Nets

If you know anything about the Miami Heat, you know that Udonis Haslem is probably the toughest, LeBron James is the best, Dwyane Wade is arguably the most clutch and coach Erik Spoelstra is undoubtedly underrated. But the one thing that […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Can the Miami Heat Finally Hurdle Brooklyn’s Finest?

Brooklyn Nets

What’s a potential championship run without hurdles, right? It’s part of the reason why the Miami Heat have been watching vintage videos of hard fought playoff series to stay focused. And what good is a hurdle if it hasn’t beaten you […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Have Familiarity in Their Future

Miami Heat

After a week of NBA board of governors meetings, racist owners, clueless employees and corrupt civil-rights organization execs, we find ourselves finally getting back to playoff basketball and the stars who come with it. For example, the league’s runaway winner […]

Heat Is Not Off NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Just Yet

Los Angeles Clippers

The praise for commissioner Adam Silver rained down as his lifetime ban of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made the airwaves — and rightfully so. But did he really have a choice to make any other type of decision? At […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat Bury Two Franchises in One Night

LeBron James

It is not often that you tune into a basketball game that starts with a unified statement that could bury an NBA owner, then ends with one team’s stars giving the other team’s owner a congratulatory hug as they put […]