Boston Celtics Discussing Kevin Garnett Trade With Los Angeles Clippers

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It has been speculated that Kevin Garnett could be on the trade block. However, the Boston Celtics have been on fire recently, so people have forgotten about a trade. The Celtics certainly haven’t and they have been talking about dealing […]

The 50 Best Players In NBA History May Surprise You

michael jordan

Top 15 Players Who Could Beat LeBron James 1-on-1

Thomas Robinson Taking Some Lumps With Sacramento Kings

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When the Sacramento Kings took Thomas Robinson in the 2012 NBA Draft, I thought they had the pick of the first round. Robinson is built like a power forward should be and I thought he was going to be a […]

Atlanta Hawks Should Make Plenty Of Moves At The Trade Deadline

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The Atlanta Hawks look like a team that is trapped in no man’s land. The team is good enough to make the playoffs but no one thinks that the team can contend for a title this year. However, this gives […]

Jeff Teague Continues To Have Good Season For Atlanta Hawks

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Jeff Teague has certainly made the most of his playing time this season. The Atlanta Hawks depend on the young point guard to play at a high level and he has delivered over his last five games. The guard is […]

Is DeMarcus Cousins Finally Figuring It Out?

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When you hear the name DeMarcus Cousins, you tend to think of him as the guy who will never reach his potential. His reputation as an immature head case tends to proceed him. Although there are some real reasons for […]

Al Horford Having Another Terrific Season In Atlanta

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If you have followed the Atlanta Hawks, you would think that Josh Smith is the star of the team. The mercurial forward is always in the news, whether it be in trade talks or contract talks. However, he is not […]

Hedo Turkoglu Suspended For 20 Games For Violating Anti-Drug Program

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It has been a strange year for the Orlando Magic and it is only going to get stranger. Hedo Turkoglu, who has been with the team for a while now, is going to be suspended for 20 games. Turkoglu is […]

Is Keith Smart the Right Man In Sacramento?


It has been another strange year for the Sacramento Kings. There has been a ton of talk about relocation, but let’s just focus on the play on the court. It seems that the team has regressed a bit and that […]

Should The Sacramento Kings Part Ways With Tyreke Evans?

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I’ve always been one of the people who thinks Tyreke Evans can be an extremely special player. However, it seems that he has reached a plateau in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings just seem like a mess and it looks like […]

Kyle Korver Could Be An Attractive Trade Deadline Chip

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Kyle Korver has been a very pleasant surprise for the Atlanta Hawks this year. You expect him to make a bunch of threes but his performance as a starter has been quite fun to watch. The Hawks are probably going […]

Will The Atlanta Hawks Make A Play For Dwight Howard?

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The marriage between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dwight Howard has been anything but pleasant. The team is in midst of a season that could see them missing the playoffs and Howard is the big reason why. He has underperformed […]