Miami Heat: Alleged Deal for Jordan Crawford is Ridiculous

Bench Laugh

If you’re in need of a good laugh as an icebreaker at a social occasion, tell the group about the time the Miami Heat allegedly wanted to trade for Jordan Crawford. If you can say it out loud without snickering, you […]

The Boston Celtics Could Seriously End Up With Home Court Advantage in the Playoffs

Jeff Green High Fives Fan

If the Boston Celtics are supposed to be tanking; they aren’t doing a very good job of it. Not having the worst record in the league, and still being up top in defense as well as rebounding isn’t going to lose them […]

Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks Rivalry Isn’t Living Up to Hype

Andrea Bargnani & Kevin Garnett

In the NBA world nothing is better than a good rivalry. They bring the best out of players, make early games feel like the playoffs, and can really add a whole new importance to what would otherwise be just another […]

Rajon Rondo Is Saying All The Right Things

Rajon Rondo Media

Boston Celtics All-Star point guard and recent addition to the awesome-players-with-torn-ACLs-club Rajon Rondo is a pretty controversial guy. He can get rough on the court, has called Dwyane Wade a dirty player, once made fun of the Miami Heat during […]

The Brooklyn Nets Have Painted Themselves Into A Coaching Corner

Jason Kidd

At the moment, Brooklyn is not a great place to play basketball. The super team of the Brooklyn Nets never showed up for practice, and instead, fans got a bus full of incoherent walking injuries, capable only of going 3-and-10 […]

There Are No Good Reasons for Boston Celtics to Trade for Amar’e Stoudemire

Amare Stoudemire & Rajon Rondo

Another day, another Boston Celtics trade rumor. This time, trade talks surrounding Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace have emerged, delighting many a Celtics fan. However. rather than trying to trade them for a young upstart player that could help the Celtics’ […]

Avery Bradley Doesn’t Need To Be a Good Point Guard

Avery Bradley

Once the Boston Celtics lost All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo to a torn ACL last season everyone knew the Celtics were in for a rough time. After Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett got shipped out of town everyone knew they […]

New York Knicks’ Signing of Chris Smith is Nothing to be Upset About

Chris Smith

In the sports world, some things are worth getting upset about. When I find out about a cheating scandal, it makes my blood boil. When I hear about an athlete with poor conduct off the field, it saddens me to […]

Boston Celtics Have the Front Court of the Future

Kelly Olynyk

There exists a school of thought in the NBA that “small ball” is the way of the future. Gone are the brutal Shaquille O’Neal and Robert Parish type players of the past. Now, 6-foot-9 players can play the five and […]

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens’ Biggest Success: Jordan Crawford

Brad Stevens

Here we are nine games into the season, and Boston Celtics fans are already buzzing about new head coach Brad Stevens. Why? Because he’s actually good at his job. After starting the year 0-4, the Celtics brought themselves back to .500, including […]

Steve Nash to the Toronto Raptors Needs to Happen, Now

Steve Nash

The Toronto Raptors are trying really, really hard to be a legitimate NBA team, and I love it. They are drafting decently and continuing the process by holding onto players that turned out well and cutting those that did not. […]

Should New York Knicks Gamble On Steve Nash?

Steve Nash

In case you didn’t know or have been blindfolded and forced in a closet, the New York Knicks are off to a rough start. Steve Nash has also been off to a rough start in the NBA season, but is expected to […]