Why Vitor Faverani Might Be the Real Deal for the Boston Celtics

Vitor Faverani

The customary response among the NBA media is to blow a hidden gem of a player into a huge frenzy. Ask Jeremy Lin about media circuses following great play. Dare I even mention Tim Tebow? Of course, for every action, there is an equal and opposite […]

Boston Celtics’ Win over Miami Heat Illuminates a Better Team Than Expected

Jeff Green and Dwyane Wade

If this doesn’t trigger the apocalypse, nothing will. Ladies and gentlemen, last night a miracle took place in Miami. The basketball earth shook as Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green hit a highly improbable game winning three-pointer over the Miami Heat’s […]

Miami Heat: Won’t Finish at Top of East

Miami Heat

  If any other playoff team in the NBA started the year going 4-2, I am sure no one would care. However, the Miami Heat are no ordinary NBA team. Hands down the most analyzed and carefully studied the team […]

Retrospective: 2011-12 Boston Celtics Were The Super Team That Never Happened

Kendrick Perkins

When we think of the great recent teams in Boston Celtics history, groups like the 2008 championship squad and the 2010 team that made it to the finals immediately come to mind. The “Big 3″ were in their heyday, and Rajon Rondo […]

Boston Celtics’ Gerald Wallace is Talking A Lot, and That Isn’t a Bad Thing

Gerald Wallace Celts

Say what you want about one of the latest additions to the Boston Celtics, power forward Gerald Wallace, and he probably won’t care. A long time veteran of the NBA, Wallace has seen some serious stuff. He has one of the most dysfunctional […]

Brooklyn Nets Revitalize Paul Pierce and LeBron James Rivalry

Pierce and LeBron

There aren’t going to be many people that can argue that Miami Heat forward LeBron James is not the best basketball player in the world. After coming off his second championship season with a couple MVPs thrown in for good measure, […]

5 NBA Players with the Most to Prove

KG Point

5 NBA Teams with the Most to Lose

Parker and Thompson

Brooklyn Nets Bench Makes Them a Different Kind of Super Team

Andray Blatche

Super teams in the NBA are weird. There isn’t one perfect formula to having one, and those that seem to be off to the right start can fail suddenly and without warning. Those teams that are great on paper can often be […]

Breaking Down Metta World Peace’s Fit with the New York Knicks

Metta World Peace

James Dolan has been very busy in New York this offseason. Since getting ousted by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of last year’s playoffs, the New York Knicks have primed themselves to be one of the league’s most interesting teams. Looking that their […]

Memphis Grizzlies Quiet Offseason Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Mike Miller

A wise man once said, “Sometimes, change is good and sometimes, you are the Memphis Grizzlies.” All right, I don’t think anyone ever said that, but if Plato was an NBA analyst, I think we could credit him with it. All around the […]

Los Angeles Clippers: Are Too Many Expectations Being Put on Doc Rivers?

Doc Rivers

Two days ago, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Los Angeles Clippers soundly. In any other era of NBA basketball, no one would raise an eyebrow. Yet this year, the outcome of that game was a shock to many people. Some fans don’t believe in statement […]