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Shane Phillips

Cavaliers Need To Control J.R. Smith

So far, J.R. Smith's stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers has been an enjoyable one, but one wrong move can make it all fall apart. Read More

5 Reasons Why Whiteside Makes Heat Top 4 Team

Hassan Whiteside is transforming into a beast for the Miami Heat. Here are five reasons why he makes the Heat a top four team in the East. Read More

Miami Heat Transforming Into NBA Contenders

As Hassan Whiteside blows up the social media world, the Miami Heat have begun to look more and more like contenders in the NBA East. Read More

Jeff Gordon Making Wrong Choice To Walk Away

Jeff Gordon announced that 2015 would be his final full year on the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit, but the future Hall of Famer is making the wrong decision. Read More

Deflategate Shows That the NFL Loves Controversy

Between all of the domestic abuse and Deflategate, the NFL has been very busy this season. Here is why the league welcomes controversy with open arms. Read More

LeBron Should Consider Returning To South Beach

LeBron James' rehab program for recent injuries brought him back to his old stomping grounds in Miami, but is there a deeper meaning to his trip? Read More

Bryant's NBA Career Is Effectively Over

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to watch millions of dollars be paid to a player who will never play another game. Read More

Hassan Whiteside Injury Allows Thunder To Prevail

Finally, the Miami Heat have found some front court strength in 7-footer Hassan Whiteside, but a sprained ankle opened the door for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Read More