Washington Wizards Win By Sharing

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  The Washington Wizards have found a not so secret ingredient to their latest success on the court, sharing. Gone are the days of players selfishly going one on one just going for stats. After a few years and a […]

New CBA Only Winner At NBA Trade Deadline

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The NBA trade deadline came and went. No, it really did. It didn’t feel like the usual wheeling and dealing we have grown accustom to this year and the average fan went to bed last night highly disappointed. No Christmas […]

Ernie Grunfeld Strikes Again, Trades Jordan Crawford To Boston Celtics

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Just when you start to give Ernie Grunfeld a little bit of credit, he makes a trade that will have fans calling for his job, again. The NBA trade deadline passed with J.J. Redick being the headliner of a pretty […]

Washington Wizards Still Have Time To Trade Jordan Crawford

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The trade deadline is upon us. Later on today, teams will know how they will look to finish the season, and the Washington Wizards are no different. Still in need of another scorer to aid this scoring deficient team, they […]

Washington Wizards Shoot Themselves Out Of Game Against Toronto Raptors

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  The All-Star break couldn’t have came at a more inopportune time for the Washington Wizards. Prior to the break they had been on a roll winning four out of the past five games. Usually, players long for that break […]

Washington Wizards Amid the Great John Wall Debate

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The Washington Wizards have been doggy paddling at the bottom of the NBA ever since Gilbert Arenas toted guns into the locker room. There have been mixed results on their subsequent climb but none more scrutinized than the prospects of […]

Washington Wizards Aim To Continue Improvement


The Washington Wizards have to be feeling good about their team, despite what the record says. Playing the first part of the season without your two best players being healthy definitely matters. Now that they are on the right track, […]

Los Angeles Clippers Pondering Trade For Paul Millsap


If the Los Angeles Clippers want to improve their team at the trade deadline, their most attractive player will be Eric Bledsoe. His value happens to be at it’s highest this season and it also happens to be a few […]

Washington Wizards Would Benefit From Another Scorer


For as good as the Washington Wizards have been playing lately there still seems to be something off about this team. Team morale has picked up. They are playing well on defense, keeping the last seven opponents under 100 points […]

Washington Wizards Need Upgrades To Continue Upward Trend


The Washington Wizards have been playing a good brand of basketball for the last few weeks. Yes, they did endure a losing streak within that time frame but the wins exceed the losses. That means that once healthy, the Wizards […]

Washington Wizards Look To Have Finally Turned The Corner

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When the season started it didn’t look to positive for the Washington Wizards. There best two players, John Wall and Nene Hilario, were sitting in suits nursing injuries instead of taking the court with the rest of the team Ernie […]

Sacramento Kings and DeMarcus Cousins Have Alot Of Growing To Do

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It is no secret that the Sacramento Kings have a talented player in DeMarcus Cousins who could also be the center piece to their future. It is also well known that the talented Cousins also has severe maturity issues. The […]