What To Expect From Los Angeles Lakers In 2013-14 Season


The injury to Kobe Bryant, the departure of Dwight Howard and the amnestying of Metta World Peace leaves lots of questions about the Los Angeles Lakers‘ upcoming season. It is all about winning championships when it comes to the purple and […]

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Los Angeles Lakers: How Far Can This New Team Go?

Kobe Bryant Mike D'Antoni

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers seem to have more of an idea of what their roster will consist of next season, it’s time to predict how they will do. With Kobe Bryant coming off his Achilles injury, it would be unrealistic to think […]

Does Mike D’Antoni Even Fit With Los Angeles Lakers?

Mike D'Antoni

After a disappointing season, to say the least, the Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of reasons they can blame it on. One of which is the coaching carousel they were running the first half of the season. The firing of Head […]

5 Best Los Angeles Lakers of All-Time

Top 5 Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Are Merely Reloading


In order for the Los Angeles Lakers to be serious contenders again they more than likely have to wait until the 2014-15 season. There is still a lot of work to be done on their roster to get to that […]

Kobe Bryant Will Break All-Time Scoring Record

Kobe Bryant

With his recent Achilles injury being a highly discussed matter, Kobe Bryant is trying to make a strong comeback. At his age, there is a question of how much more adversity he can take. Bryant is heading into his 18th […]

Los Angeles Lakers Should Be Optimistic About the Future

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Dwight Howard nightmare is past them, the Los Angeles Lakers have to start looking toward the future. Many people have written the upcoming 2013-14 season off for the franchise with 16 championships. However, they still have enough […]