Utah Jazz Should Learn From San Antonio Spurs

Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs

When I look at the San Antonio Spurs‘ roster, it’s laughable when I look back at the Utah Jazz‘ organization at this point in time as the Jazz go to 1-9 on the season losing to the Spurs 91-82 at […]

Utah Jazz Fans: No Fear, Jabari Parker Might Be Here

Derrick Favors

The Utah Jazz are making it a point to be known as the worst team in the NBA, and they are not afraid to show it. The Jazz go 1-8 on the season as they defeat the New Orleans Pelicans 111-105. But it would be […]

Utah Jazz Are Competitive But Continue To Make Rookie Mistakes

Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns

The Utah Jazz have sunk their way to 0-2 on the season, as they lose to the Phoenix Suns 87-84 in the final seconds. Some would argue that the Jazz had more than enough opportunities to get a win instead […]

Utah Jazz’ Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors Come Up Short Late

Gordon Hayward

The Utah Jazz put up a good fight against the Oklahoma City Thunder in their opening home game on Wednesday. But it was discouraging to see key players like small forward Gordon Hayward and power forward Derrick Favors coming up short […]

Utah Jazz Making No Moves is Good News for Jazz Fans

Utah Jazz

I like what I’m seeing with the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are making very few moves. They let Al Jefferson go, and the let Paul Millsap go. The Jazz were nothing more than an eighth seed at best over the […]

Los Angeles Lakers Need to Face Reality and Prepare for the Future

Los Angeles Lakers

It seems these days that the Los Angeles Lakers are living in a world where they think they should compete for NBA championships and are in the position to fight for one. Well you see, the former may be true, […]

Karl Malone Should Be the Head Coach of the Utah Jazz, Not Tyrone Corbin

Tyrone Corbin

I’m calling it right now, and I don’t care who opposes it. The legend Karl Malone needs to be the head coach of the Utah Jazz. If Jason Kidd can do nothing, and be a head coach in minutes after […]

Is Andrew Bynum Worth the Risk of a Big-Money Deal?

Andrew Bynum

Let’s cut to the chase with Andrew Bynum. Bynum is a player that has been in the NBA for quite some time — since 2005 to be exact. This is a player that has had issues with his ego, not […]

Why Do NBA Players Care About Playing In Big Cities So Much?

Dwight Howard

I have a question. Why do NBA players care about playing in big cities? Why is it so important to them? Why are they primarily the only players in the four major professional sports that put this thought as a […]

Did the Utah Jazz Make A Mistake By Trading Deron Williams?

Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today Sports

The Utah Jazz may be regretting the Deron Williams departure. In 2010, the Jazz traded away their star point guard to the Brooklyn Nets, who were the New Jersey Nets at the time. He was traded due to the fact […]

Why Are Championships The End-All For NBA Players?

Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

You hear it all the time. It’s all about the championship. For some of the players in the NBA, it is what they live and breathe for. But that doesn’t make it right. There are so many elements that go […]

Utah Jazz Must Push For Superstar Talent

JD Mercer- USA Today Sports

  The Utah Jazz had a tough end to their season missing the playoffs with a 43-39 record, but one would argue that it was for the best. The NBA is a tough place to find talent, especially if you […]