Lionel Hollins Much Better For Brooklyn Nets Than Jason Kidd

Mark D. Smith - USA TODAY Sports

Last summer, as I sat and watched the Brooklyn Nets announce the newly-retired Jason Kidd as head coach, I yelled and stomped my feet. By no means am I a Nets fan, and I only despised them even more as they […]

Updating the Depth Chart for the Brooklyn Nets Following the 2014 Draft


Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2014 Offseason

Nick Young, Los Angeles Lakers

Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams Should Be Back to Normal Next Season

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PG Deron Williams has been a shell of his former self that he displayed with the Utah Jazz, and even his early New Jersey-Brooklyn Nets days. Williams was widely considered the best point guard in the game along with Chris Paul, […]

Brooklyn Nets Should Be Praying For Kevin Garnett’s Return

Kevin Garnett

While the Brooklyn Nets have no shortage of difficult decisions to make during the offseason, there is one decision that’s out their hands: whether veteran power forward Kevin Garnett will retire or return for the final year of his contract. […]

Brooklyn Nets Should Look To Dump Deron Williams Quickly

Deron Williams

The Brooklyn Nets will need to get creative this offseason to improve a team with no draft picks and the highest payroll in the NBA. That creative thinking should send Deron Williams to a different team, and quickly. Williams has […]

Dallas Mavericks Need to Lock Up Monta Ellis Soon

Monta Ellis

After the Dallas Mavericks won it all back in 2011, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made it clear that re-signing Tyson Chandler was a top priority. A lockout and a new NBA collective bargaining agreement later, Cuban was unwilling to even […]

Predicting the Brooklyn Nets’ Starting Five for Next Season


Dallas Mavericks Need to Lower Expectations, Go After Luol Deng

Luol Deng

The Dallas Mavericks aren’t stupid. Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson and company know Dallas can’t stick with the status quo. The Mavericks not only have to get better, but also get younger. The Mavericks also know they have no business asking […]

Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams May Never Be Same After Ankle Surgery

deron williams surgery

Point guard Deron Williams has much to ponder and work on once his rehab process starts. The Brooklyn Nets‘ star is about to undergo surgery on both his ankles early next week. He’s going to have a bone chip removed […]

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Deron Williams On Team’s Trade Radar?

Deron Williams

It’s not even the NBA offseason yet, but trade rumors are already flying. Part of it has to do with the upcoming draft lottery, which will determine the path many teams take moving forward. The Los Angeles Lakers are one […]

NBA Rumors: Deron Williams Reportedly ‘Unhappy’ With Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams Trade Demand

How many more times will Deron Williams be asking for a trade, or be rumored to be unhappy in his career? I’d love to make an over/under on that and see what the number would be set at. Utah Jazz […]