5 Ways the Brooklyn Nets Can Become Contenders in the East

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Jordan Berkowitz is a Brooklyn Nets writer for RantSports.com

Lionel Hollins Much Better For Brooklyn Nets Than Jason Kidd

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Last summer, as I sat and watched the Brooklyn Nets announce the newly-retired Jason Kidd as head coach, I yelled and stomped my feet. By no means am I a Nets fan, and I only despised them even more as they […]

Updating the Depth Chart for the Brooklyn Nets Following the 2014 Draft


Brooklyn Nets Should Be Praying For Kevin Garnett’s Return

Kevin Garnett

While the Brooklyn Nets have no shortage of difficult decisions to make during the offseason, there is one decision that’s out their hands: whether veteran power forward Kevin Garnett will retire or return for the final year of his contract. […]

Joe Johnson Stakes His Claim as Brooklyn Nets’ MVP

Joe Johnson

The 2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets were one of the top teams to watch entering last season with a roster full of stars looking to claim the Nets as truly “their team.” The only player that came close to doing so was […]

Predicting the Brooklyn Nets’ Starting Five for Next Season


Brooklyn Nets Face Crucial Offseason Decisions With Veterans

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If you have ever seen the TV show “This Old House”, you know that the show is all about home improvement. Based upon their age and need for remodeling, the Brooklyn Nets could very well have their own episode on […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: LeBron James Carries Heat in Game 4; Joe Johnson Blows It

Miami Heat

The fourth game in every playoff series is key. It could be for the sweep, it could be a swing game or it could be the point where the teams deadlock at two games a piece. Regardless of what game […]

Most Important Matchup of Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets Series: Joe Johnson vs. LeBron James

May 6th, 2014: Steve Mitchell; The most important matchup to watch for in the second round playoff battle between the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets is LeBron James vs. Joe Johnson, and here is why.

Since the Brooklyn Nets decided to abandon a traditional starting lineup midway through the regular season by inserting Kevin Garnett at starting center, Paul Pierce at power forward and Joe Johnson at the small forward position, they have been one […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Brooklyn Nets Should Be Careful What They Wish For


It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Nets find themselves squaring off against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Regardless of what Brooklyn team officials will say, the goal was to tank at the end of the regular season in order […]

2014 NBA Playoffs: Joe Johnson Can’t Be Minimized in Nets’ Offense

Joe Johnson Raps Nets

Deron Williams’ importance to the success of the Brooklyn Nets has been well-documented throughout the 2014 NBA Playoffs. The Nets live and die by how committed and how productive the often up-and-down point guard is on the floor, especially over […]

Paul Pierce Right To Call Out Brooklyn Nets

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Paul Pierce didn’t shy away from how he felt following the Brooklyn Nets‘ disappointing Game 2 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night. “We gave them everything they wanted – 50 points in the paint, [19] offensive rebounds,” said Pierce. “We were a […]