20 Great Big 10 Cheerleader Pictures

By pauloconnor

Bowl games are coming- basketball is in full swing-  things are heating up- and our friendly cheerleaders are working double duty.

With great fanfare we present the premiere Big 10 Rant pictorial feature on the ladies who make you crave for a TV-timeout, the cheerleaders.  20 great cheerleader shots  at Big 10 games, and we don’t care which team they pull for- we’re good sports and we’ll tip our hats and  point out talent even if it is on the opposing side.

1. What better way to warm up than with a redhead in the Minnesota tundra?

2. The famous one-legged Boilermaker balancing act..

3. At the Purdue game we did notice the Washington cheerleaders, at least one!

4. Pom-poms, palm trees, Pasadena and a perfectly balanced Buckeye babe.

5. Well- at least the Wolverine fans had someone to root for at the Big House.

6. You can always count on Magic to support his alma-mater.


7. We knew Wisconsin had lumber Jacks, but lumber Jill’s too?

8. Can we get UCLA on the schedule?

9. Do you really have to wear turtlenecks and long sleeves in Champaign?

10. Take a cue from a Buckeye blonde.

11. This Northwestern Wildcat cheerleader should be careful-You’re going to be a CEO one day.

12. Alabama pounded Penn State but they did show some southern hospitality.

13. Are all the Minnesota cheerleaders redheads?

14. Now we know why Wisconsin went to Las Vegas for a road game.

15. Now that’s how to handle a pom-pom.

16. Cheerleader outfits and a white bow in the hair- that’s just not fair.

17. I swear I sat in the front row of the Ohio State-Florida game, anybody know who won?

18. Whatever you do- don’t sneeze.

19. Can we also get Oregon on the schedule?

20. Another red-haired Golden Gopher cheerleader! That’s it- I’m moving to Minnesota!

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