DePaul Decides to Stop Playing Against Seton Hall


The days of me being happy with small steps are over. DePaul played in a game tonight against a Seton Hall team they certainly could have competed against and decided to stop competing. I’ve raised my expectations for this program and tonight I was crushed both mentally and emotionally by DePaul.

I’ve decided not to even mention any statistics. I am also going to break one of my rules and mention one player by name. What in the world has happened to Jeremiah Kelly? He is such a nice kid but his game has gone backwards this year. On several possessions, he looked totally lost on the court and couldn’t even finish a layup. I think Kelly is much better than this, but he just hasn’t been clicking.

I really like Oliver Purnell. He is a guy that is working very hard with this program. However, tonight he looked like he had no answers for Seton Hall. There were numerous uncontested layups and open looks for the Pirates. Its one thing to give up points, its another to not contest many different shots. Tonight was a prime example of how talent poor DePaul currently is at this time.

I am sick and tired of accepting DePaul being a laughing-stock program. It is getting old when DePaul gets its brains beat in on a regular basis. I want to believe we are a Big East program, but how long can the conference allow DePaul to be a laughing stock?

I am done. Have a good evening.

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