Maurice Creek Surgery Successful

By zacharymelton

The good news has reached us: Maurice Creek has once again come through a successful surgery. Mo missed most of his promising Freshman year due to a fractured knee cap. There was a collective gasp as he went down Saturday in the game against Michigan. Not again! Obviously still bothered by last year’s injury, Creek’s points per game dropped significantly.

Many fans wanted to scold Creek for not waiting long enough for his injuries to heal. But he showed his critics by injuring his other knee. A stress fracture may not be as devastating as a busted knee cap, but with his list of afflictions growing, many are questioning the time line of his return.

Up the Creek Without a Good Knee

Some speculate that he will need to sit out the rest of this season, as well as the 2011-2012 season in order to completely recover. This is a harsh decree for the struggling Hoosiers. He will have to sit out the remainder of this season. The question is how soon will we see him back? It doesn’t look very good, and Creek and his teammates might have to face the music after he returned a little prematurely from his last injury. We’re crossing our fingers, Mo.

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