Ohio State Hockey Comeback

By chelseastepchuk

Buckeye fans were disappointed after this Friday’s hockey game when Ohio State was shut-out 0-2 by Michigan State. The Buckeye offense struggled and Michigan State played cautiously and didn’t give up any power plays.

However, this disappointment was turned around after Saturday’s game when Ohio State came back strong, beating Michigan State 4-2. Somma was a key player who contributed two of the four goals.

Another important number for the Buckeyes was 500. The team and fans threw over 500 Teddy Bears onto the ice for the Teddy Bear Toss. All bears will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Next weekend, Ohio State will have to overcome yet another Michigan team as they travel to Ann Arbor for the rivalry game. Buckeye fans can only hope that Michigan’s hockey team falls to the same fate as their basketball team did this past weekend.

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