Ohio State Prepares for Comeback

By chelseastepchuk

After their fall to Wisconsin, Ohio State prepares to come back strong and prove to the nation that they deserve to be back on top. Sorry to all the Michigan State fans, but there’s a lot of built up emotion from the Wisconsin game that’s going to be released on the court tomorrow in C-Bus.

The Buckeyes are still one of the top teams in the conference, they’re 11-1 compared to Michigan State’s mediocre 6-6. Wisconsin was a reality check for the Buckeyes, but they’re ready to move on from that, and not dwell on the upset.

Buckeye Nation is ready to stand up. One loss doesn’t mean their season is in shambles. A victory over the Spartans would prove to the nation that Ohio State has the drive and talent to remain a top team and a threat to its opponents. With an overall record of 24-1, the Buckeyes have to finish this season strong and prepare for “March Madness.”

The game tomorrow night should be intense as the Buckeyes will surely do what they do best to gain back respect. Michigan State is already having a rough season (14-10), and tomorrow night’s game will add to their struggle.

The match-up between the Buckeyes and Spartans will commence at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow in Columbus.

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