No. 3 Ohio State Edges Back Towards the Top

By chelseastepchuk

People don’t call us Buckeye Nation for nothing. And for anyone saying that Ohio State is overrated, let me just say this: 71-61 BUCKS. We may not be undefeated overall, but we’re still undefeated at home.

The Buckeyes came out tonight in Columbus and played strong. Strong, might even be an understatement to describe the precision, spirit, and determination that the team played with tonight. Leading the Buckeyes tonight was William Buford who contributed 23 points to the Buckeye scoreboard. He played consistently, solid from the starting tip-off to all through the second half. Sullinger was kept busy on defense but still managed to put 11 points on the board.

The first half of the game was all about Buford and Lighty, as they started the momentum for the team. The Buckeyes had a couple close calls as the shot clock ran dangerously low, but they managed to keep their fouls to a minimum. Ohio State led by one at the end of the first half.

During the second half, the Spartans and the Buckeyes went back-and-forth with fouls and with the score. Ohio State began to pull ahead and the score gap widened. Diebler was shooting three’s. Craft had impressive steals. And Sullinger stepped up at the free throw line.

The real turning point was when Green had a technical foul and personal foul against Aaron Craft. Green then fouled out and Michigan State was short another player. The Spartans already had a player benched due to injury. They fought hard to stay in the game, but Tom Izzo’s team just wasn’t able to avoid the excessive fouling that worked against them quite a bit. A young but promising player for MSU is Payne, his teammates and coach expect a huge career out of him.  MSU fought hard but just couldn’t keep up with the Buckeyes.

This brings us to the rankings.  The question at hand still remains, who is the best team in the nation? Though ratings beg to differ, Ohio State clearly proved themselves with tonight’s victory.  OSU’s replacement as the number one team, Kansas, didn’t even hold the spot for ten hours as they fell to Kansas State last night.  And now, the standings are looking good for the nearly flawless Buckeyes, with only Texas in their way. The 25-1 Buckeyes will hit the road to take on Purdue this Sunday.

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