Best Name in the Big East – Final Four

The final week of the Big East regular season is upon us and soon enough the nation’s best conference will be deciding their top team at Madison Square Garden. But forget your grade school coaches tired advice, let’s take a minute and focus on the names of the back of the jersey instead of the front.

After another heated round of voting we’ve whittled down the competitors for the Inaugural Volvo S60 Best Name in the Big East tournament to the final four. There are no easy decision left on the board, so who will be the last man standing when our own version of One Shining Moment starts to play? Only you have the power to decide.Scroll down to vote for the winner of our two Final Four face-offs and click on the picture of the bracket at the top of the page to check out their roads to Final Four.

But first let’s do a quick review of the Elite Eight match-ups…

Shabazz Napier (Conn) def. Scoop Jardine (Cuse)

With a final tally of 12-3, Shabazz KO’d this Jardine. Lucky for him he wasn’t matched up against Scoop’s distant relative Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine.

Cashmere Wright (CIN) def. Michael Bizoukas (DPU)

And with that crushing blow DePaul’s hope of winning absolutely anything this year comes crashing down. Wright brought in a contest-high 23 votes. The Binturongs are representing.

Soo Soo Taulelei (RUT) def. Rakeem Buckles (UL)

Maybe it’s because we’re only a few hours from March and it’s still bitterly cold outside, but a cruise on the S.S. Taulelei sounds too good to pass up right now. He edged No. 1-seed Rakeem Buckles 9-to-6.

Jawanza Poland (USF) def. Anali Okoloji (SHU)

Jawanza Poland? You bet I wanna Poland. In easily the most fun match-up to say out loud Poland doubled up Anali Okoloji and moves on to face the Hawaiian in our semi-final round. Time to cast your votes…

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  • bridget

    Soo Soo!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    It was a very difficult decision between my two absolute favorites Shabazz and Cashmere….after all it does feel so right to wear cashmere..but Shabazz brough out my true Nutmeg spirit, despite the fact that his coach was reently apologizing for his transgressions, despite the fact that he previously vowed that he had done nothing illegal..then cost the citizens of CT 3K for his legal defense for his NCAA violation behaviors…hopefully he did nothing “Shabad” in recruiting Shabazz!!
    Sorry “Bridg” Jawanza got my vote!!!
    Can’t wait for the Big Dance!!!

    • tim

      cashmere all the way… sad to see scoop jardine get voted off

  • Geralyn

    Sorry, Bridget, it’s gonna be “Jah- WHAAAAAANN-Zaaah”! all the way!!!!

  • Kelly

    If it comes down to Cashmere and Jawanza …I’ll be flipping a coin! My favorites from the start!

  • Bernice “That’sMy Nephew” Wall

    Cashmere is an elegant,smooth fabric making the simplest of designs stand out and we are highly honored to say, Cashmere Wright lives up to his name! ~ Elegant as he makes those sweet passes that leads to assists. Smooth as he often steals the ball from any opponent! Is the catalyst to Cincinnati Bearcats standing out in the Big East due to his Amazing Athleticism. With all this being said, Cashmere Wright is destined to Be Named the Best Name in The Big East because he lives up to his name! Get it right and vote Ca$hmere Wright!
    Thanks ~ The KingCa$h Family!

  • Bernice “That’sMy Nephew” Wall

    IT’S CA$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$HMERE WRIGHT ALL DAY LONG!