Duke Predictions - Fulfilled (Sort Of)

By grant.brown

I made predictions at the beginning of the season, lets see how I did. You can go back in the archives and check in case you think I changed my answers.

Prediction: Regular season 26-4
Actual: 27-4, somehow I missed a game, don’t know how, but I did get the number of losses correct, so that needs to count for something.

Prediction: ACC Regular season champions at 14-2
Actual: 2nd place ACC regular season at 13-3 (close)

Prediction: ACC Tournament Champs
Actual: ACC Tournament Champs (ding!)

Prediction: Number one seed in the East with a 29-4 record
Actual: Number one seed in the West with a 30-4 record, again, missed game

Prediction: Duke’s win in its Sweet Sixteen game will give Coach K his 900th career victory and an 80th NCAA tourney victory
Actual: Since I missed a game, his 900th win put him in the Sweet 16

Prediction: He will be at 901 career wins when they head to Houston for the Final Four
Actual: They will not be going to Houston (sad)

Prediction: Once in Houston, anything can happen, so I won’t make any predictions beyond getting to the Final Four
Actual: Butler over UConn

So, as you can see, I wasn’t off by much. Still not sure how I missed a game, but the number of losses was correct. I have a feeling next season will be a little harder to predict.

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