Video: Fran's Red Face

By Jordan Fries

The Hawkeyes were down 69-41 to the Michigan State Spartans in the midst of their yearly beat down at the Breslin Center. Everything seemed ordinary. Then, Fran McCaffery received a technical foul for complaining about a no-call on Devyn Marble, and absolutely lit into his team in a timeout once the furor died down.

Fran saved plenty of rage for each player on the floor, picked up a chair, and smashed it with wanton fury across the hardwood. He came back for seconds and thirds. He is a coach known for his passion and fiery temper — the police escort ejection at Northern Iowa was quite the scene — but the raw anger Fran expressed when tossing the chair in Bob Knight imitation was something to behold.

Even if the Hawkeyes aren’t completely “back” yet, despite the consecutive road wins, at least fans will be consistently entertained by Fran’s red face. Check it out for yourself.

Thanks to Black Heart Gold Pants for the video.

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