Mizzou’s English Compares Athletes and Slaves

St. Louis, MO - Three short days after Martin Luther King Day University of Missouri senior guard, Kim English, posted comments on his Twitter account drawing comparisons between student athletes and slaves.

Mizzou wide receiver and NFL prospect, Wes Kemp, sent out a tweet Thursday evening in regards to UNLV’s Phillip Payne.  Kemp’s tweet read, “This fool @Philly_Wink (Phillip Payne) compared being a student athlete to being a slave, haven’t talked to him since.”

Payne was suspended for posting comments about UNLV staff on his profile, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The resulting conversation between Kemp and English went as follows;

Kemp (@WesleyAKemp) “This fool @Philly_Wink (Phillip Payne) compared being a student athlete to being a slave, haven’t talked to him since”

English (@Englishscope24) “slaves couldn’t transfer, nor choose a plantation”

Kemp (@WesleyAKemp) “athletes didn’t get thrown off a ship or hung without consequence”

English (@Englishscope24) “Picking cotton wasn’t a love of theirs”

For the record, Kim English is a native of Baltimore, Maryland meaning he would not qualify for instate tuition at Mizzou.  The current estimated cost for a year of tuition at the University of Missouri is $20,870.  After including room and board ($9,046) as well as books and supplies ($1,086), without the addition of lab fees, English received the equivalent of $31,002 this assuming he took advantage of on campus living.

The median household income for Missourians in 2009 was $45,149, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  The median per capita income between 2005 and 2009 was $24,423.

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  • John

    How do you read that as him comparing the NCAA to Slavery? Everything he said is CONTRASTING being a student athlete to being a slave. I don’t even think its questionable.

  • http://www.CraigPhelps.webs.com Craig Phelps

    John, please note that this was not an opinionated piece. The facts posted at the end of the article are to provide the reader with more knowledge so that they can draw their own conclusions on a bigger issue. Multiple athletes, student and professional alike, have made serious accusations against their employers and/or universities in regards to this subject. Hopefully the conversation between these two players and their discussion of the issue can help advance the conversation.