Purdue runs over Nebraska 83-65 in Big Ten Matchup

By Stephanie Umek

The Cornhuskers of Nebraska met up with the Boilermakers of Purdue in a Big Ten match up Wednesday night.

With every team in the Big Ten only having a few games left of the regular season, every game is crucial. Currently the Boilermakers sit comfortably at sixth in the conference and though Nebraska isn’t a threat to their record, one lose could give Iowa a boost and just like that Purdue could be tied in the middle of the conference.

Nebraska was coming off a huge blow out win against Illinois over the weekend in a show that most people never would have guessed, even assuming the way that the Illini have been playing. Nebraska was able to walk away heads held high with an 80-57 win.

But when they went on the road to Purdue, they lost the adrenaline. Purdue was solid all night and ran over the Cornhuskers. Nebraska came into this game 12-13 overall while Purdue sat at 17-10.

Robbie Hummel is a natural leader for Purdue and led the team in points with 29. He went 10-for-18 from the field and made all five of his free throws. Nebraska’s Senior Guard Bo Spencer led the Cornhuskers with 19 points and not a single one of his teammates scored in double digits.

As a team Nebraska was 27-52 (.519) while Purdue shot 30-55 (.545). Not a huge difference there but Purdue had a lot more opportunities when it came to three point shots and free throws.

Purdue finished off the game winning 83-65 increasing their record to 8-7 in the Big Ten while Nebraska falls to 4-11 in conference.

Purdue’s next meeting is against the Michigan Wolverines at 6:00 PM ET.

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