NCAA Basketball

USC Basketball Trying To Peddle Tickets Via Groupon

The 2011-2012 USC Trojans basketball team has struggled, to be polite.

At 6-23 through the team’s first 29 games, the Trojans are dead last in scoring offense, next-to-last in scoring margin, last in free-throw percentage, last in three-point percentage, last in rebounding– well, you get the point.

The Trojans are flat out awful.

As one would expect with a team this bad, USC is having a miserable time trying to put butts in seats. While most athletic departments will run deep discounts in troubled times, the Trojans have taken things a step further as they turn to popular online discout site Groupon with a sweet ticket deal.

For the next 10 hours or so, Trojan basketball fans (wherever they are) can buy 1 arena-level seat for $15, 2 arena-level seats for $30, or 4 arena-level seats for $60.

The irony of this “deal” is that these tickets are still more expensive than those offered by teams who are in the mix and have a shot at the NCAA Tournament.

Sure Groupon is a great tool for businesses who need a little extra foot traffic.

When an athletic department is peddling its extra tickets there, however, it signals a bigger issue.

If you want to go watch the Pac-12′s worst team, here’s your chance!

Oh, you don’t?

Why not?