NCAA Keeps Eyes on Bishop Gorman Top Prospect Shabazz Muhammad

By Stephanie Umek

There are many schools interested in Gorman High School’s top basketball player, including North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and Kansas. However, some of these associations may not be innocent.

According to Muhammad is linked to two men, who have paid for some unofficial visits to these schools. Reports state that the financial advisors Benjamin Lincoln and Ken Kavanagh have made contact with Muhammad and his family.

Lincoln is a based out of North Carolina and happens to be the brother of Muhammad’s assistant coach. Kavanagh is based out of New York.

Ron Holmes, who is Muhammad’s father has been in the real estate business for quite some time now, since 1986 he states. He told that he met Benjamin Lincoln in 2007, through head coach Grant Rice. He speaks highly of him telling in an exclusive interview, “We hit it off immediately and became very close friends, When Benjamin and I met in 2007, my son Shabazz was in the seventh grade. Back in 2007, none of us knew that Shabazz would be able to play college ball, let alone be as good as he is now. In fact, I don’t remember any colleges contacting us until Shabazz was in the ninth or 10th grade.”

According to his father, by 2010 Shabazz was getting a lot of attention from major colleges. He also stated that Lincoln offered to pay for plane tickets and a hotel room in association with unofficial visits at North Carolina and Duke. At the time the family filed NCAA compliance forms and stated that Lincoln had paid for those things. was able to reach Benjamin Lincoln by phone and Lincoln told them that he considers Ronald Holmes and Faye Muhammah (Shabazz’s mother) two of his dearest friends.

He was also quoted as saying, “I have had a close relationship for almost five years. For 10 years, they have lived in Las Vegas, the same city as my brother, so we were able to see each other often. As Shabazz began the process of looking at colleges, I offered to help Ronald and the family tae unofficial visits to two colleges. I simply was trying to help the family I care so much about. It is important that this be resolved quickly and not negatively affect Shabazz in any way.”

While Ken Kavanagh seems to be more in the background of this story, he is not fully ruled out just because of Lincoln’s closer relationship with the player.

Kavanagh still has connections and told that he used to play with Homes in the La Jolla YMCA. He has donated money to Muhammad’s summer program and wishes to someday represent Muhammad when he enters the NBA.

Kavanagh believes that he in no way violated any rules that the NCAA has set aside for agents.

In the meantime, Muhammad is considering six schools. He has narrowed it down to: Kansas, Kentucky, UNLV, Duke, UCLA and USC.


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