March Madness Second Round Proves Successful for Big Ten Basketball

By Stephanie Umek

No. 4 Wisconsin 73, No. 13 Montana 49

What went right for the Badgers:

Ryan Evans was the high scorer for the Badgers, holding 18 points. This was huge for him, considering he averaged 10.6 points during the regular season. He scored 14 of his 18 in the first half alone. Where did he go in the second half you may ask? Fortunately for Wisconsin, they have unselfish players.

The second half was all about Jordan Taylor, the All-American Point guard was not far behind Evans having 17 points with eight rebounds and six assists.

What could have ruined the Victory for Wisconsin:

Putting aside the fact that Freddie Owens, one of the Grizzles assistants, played for Wisconsin.  Don’t think that for a second that just because the Grizzles were ranked so much lower than the Badgers that they were going to lose easily.

In the second half, the Grizzles made a huge run starting with two free throws and a long range shot from Mathias Ward. It was soon followed by another three from Will Cherry bringing the Grizzles within ten points of the Badgers.

Art Steward led the Montana Grizzlies with 18 points.


No. 4 Indiana 79, No. 13 New Mexico State 66

What went right for the Hoosiers:

After a four year drought, Indiana was itching to get back into the NCAA Tournament.

It’s no doubt that the Cinderella story this year for the Hoosiers is freshman forward Cody Zeller. He had 14 points, five rebounds and six steals in the victory over New Mexico State. But it was Jordan Hulls that led the Hoosiers in points with 22.

There was a lot that Indiana did that prevented the Aggies from scoring. And even the Hoosiers’ offense was too much for New Mexico State’s defense. They had such a hard time keeping up with Indiana running shot after shot.

What could have ruined the Hoosiers Victory:

Well, there was really nothing holding back the Hoosiers…

Wendell McKines led New Mexico State with 15 points and nine rebounds. Though the Aggies won the Western Athletic Conference, the Hoosiers were just too much for them.

They were, however, able to make a 10-2 run, giving them momentum they cut the lead down to 64-51, with 7:40 left in the game. You would think there was plenty of time on the clock, but after a few calls against the Aggies, they never got closer than 12 after that.


No. 2 Ohio State 78, No. 15 Loyola (MD) 59

What went right for the Buckeyes:

If I didn’t start out by saying that Deshaun Thomas scored a career high of 31 points, I’d be nuts. So there you go. He also notched 12 rebounds, another career best.

William Buford and Jared Sullinger helped the Buckeyes scoring 17 and 12 points respectfully.

Scoring from inside the paint was absolutely no problem for the Buckeyes, they held Loyola 38-24.

What could have ruined the Buckeyes Victory:

The run at the end of the game made for great adrenaline to the March Madness. With 2:18 left the Greyhounds got within 11, cutting the Buckeyes lead to 70-59.

Erik Etherly led the Greyhounds with 19 points. They knew they were going up against one of the best in the country. And they came in as prepared as they could.

Over this past year Loyola set a school record with 24 wins. When Head Coach Patsos came into this program, the team had won one game all season. That was eight years ago.

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