Really? Final Four Scoreboard Misspells Atlanta

By Paul Seaver


Atlanta, that wasn’t so hard.

However, for one scoreboard operator, it was.

While the 2012 Final Four took place in the city of New Orleans, the NCAA did not want to miss the opportunity to advertise for next season’s final stop.

The 2013 Final Four will take place in Atlanta. Yes, that’s A-T-L-A-N-T-A.

However, the scoreboard in last night’s national championship contest read Alanta. As you can see, there was no T.

The good news is that I have found the actual Alanta.

It’s a small town in Lithuania. The town has 464 residents.

After careful consideration, I was able to narrow things down and settle upon the fact that this Lithuanian village will not play host to the 2013 Final Four.

No no, it will be in the state of Georgia.

The good news for the scoreboard operator is that his mistake goes a bit unnoticed in comparison to last evening’s National Anthem.

Oh, well.

After the final buzzer sounded in New Orleans last evening, it was the Kentucky Wildcats that emerged on top.

A heavyweight Final Four resulted in UK’s first national championship since 1998 and the first-ever title for head coach John Calipari.

For Calipari, the celebration is quick.

Following the team’s 67-59 victory on Monday night, Calipari had this to say, ““What I’m hoping is there are six first-rounders on this team. I’m fine with that. That’s why I’ve got to go recruiting on Friday.”

As of now, there remains no formal announcement on which Wildcats will be entering the 2012 NBA Draft.


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