2012 NBA Draft Grade: Jared Sullinger

By Adam McGill

Sullinger has been one of the best college prospects since walking on campus two years ago. He has anchored an Ohio State team that made it to a Sweet 16 and Final Four under his direction. Sullinger remains one of the most intriguing big men in the entire draft and will certainly be drafted as so. Below is a full draft report of Sullinger heading into the 2012 NBA Draft:

2011-12 College Average: 17.6 points, 9.3 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.1 blocks, 1.2 steals

Scoring: B- – Sully scored the majority of his points in the paint against some of the lesser known forwards of the Big Ten. However, he is still a very large target in the paint for point guards to find on the break and could really become a scoring threat in the right offense. He will never lead the league in scoring, but can easily post a handful of 20-point seasons down the stretch.

Rebounding: A- – If there is one aspect of Sullinger’s game that will transition well into the NBA, it is his rebounding ability.  He is among the best in this draft class at knowing where to position himself in the post. He has good footwork and is not afraid to let his opponents have an elbow or two.  Sullinger will get a good amount of minutes no matter where he goes, because teams are always looking for a big body to cram down low.

Size: A+ –  Sullinger has the best size of any player entering the draft this year.  He tips the scale at a massive 267 pounds and seems better suited to be a NFL linebacker, as opposed to a NBA power forward.  However, he will be impossible to move in the low-post and it will be entertaining to see anyone try to draw an offensive charge against the “Buckeye Behemoth”.

Athleticism: C – Sullinger is not the most athletic power forward in this draft class.  He tends to get off the floor slow when he jumps and could need to spend some serious time in the gym to get in NBA-shape.

Projection: Top Ten Pick

NBA Comparison: Memphis Forward Zach Randolph

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