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VIDEO: Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan Fueling Transfer Fire in TV Interview

***UPDATE*** (3:00 p.m. EST, Apr. 19)- After meeting with Uthoff on Thursday, Wisconsin has lifted all restrictions on the transfer, with the exception of Big Ten schools.


The story is well-known by now.

Wisconsin redshirt freshman Jared Uthoff is looking to transfer from the Madison-based campus, seeking the opportunity to continue his collegiate career somewhere else.

With a list of college transfers that already exceeds 300+, you may wonder what the big deal is revolving Uthoff and Badgers’ head coach Bo Ryan?

Well, upon seeking a release and transfer, Uthoff submitted a list of approximately 25 schools in which he would be interested in transferring to. Ryan has responded by barring Uthoff from over half that list, a denial of roughly 25 schools in its own right, including the entire Big Ten and ACC conferences.

The denial has sparked some interesting thoughts and feelings towards Ryan and why situations like Uthoff’s are even necessary.

According to Wednesday night report on, “Ryan said Uthoff has a meeting Thursday with Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez and will have to tell him “face to face” why he wants to go to a certain school.”

After a few days of silence, Ryan took to his own defense on Thursday morning, going on national television as part of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning show to explain his thoughts and decisions arising from the issue with Uthoff.

The public eye and the world of college basketball have been adamant in believing that Ryan’s restriction on Uthoff is wrong, and the most recent comments from the Badgers’ head man continue to keep this story relevant, despite the college basketball season ending nearly three weeks ago.

“There are rules of a scholarship,” Ryan told “I didn’t make them up.”

Thursday’s Mike and Mike segment can be seen below (Video Courtesy of The Big Lead).