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NCAA Basketball

Memphis Coach Josh Pastner Blames Wife for NCAA Recruiting Violation

We’ve heard the laundry list of excuses from coaches that violate NCAA recruiting rules, but something tells me we’ve never heard the latest from Memphis head coach Josh Pastner.

According to the report by Yahoo! Sports, Pastner was on the University of Memphis Men’s basketball team’s twitter account and inadvertently tweeted the name “Tony Parker,” who is a highly touted recruit for the Tigers.

Just moments later Pastner deleted the tweet, but the damage had been done. His actions constitute a secondary violation of an NCAA rule that says coaches cannot publicly comment or discuss recruits that are unsigned.

Pastner’s explanation for the violation was that he was trying to do a search for Parker’s name, and blamed several household distractions for not catching himself before tweeting.

One of those distractions was apparently his pregnant wife, as well as the pressures of recruiting and filling a coaching staff position.

“My wife was yelling at me because I was on the phone too loud. I was waking (my daughter) up and waking my wife up because I had the TV on. She was complaining that I not only woke my daughter up, but I also woke the baby inside her up because she’s pregnant. So I was waking everybody up, I was getting yelled at and on top of that I was thinking, ‘What’s going on with recruiting?’ and ‘Who am I going to hire?’ and I made a mistake.”

Although the violation likely won’t draw any punishment from the NCAA, even my single self knows you don’t blame your wife for stuff publicly. Hell you probably shouldn’t even do it privately.

Does this guy have a death wish?


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