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Tony Parker Commits To UCLA

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If Tony Parker is not a superstar, he owes all of us big money.  The center from Miller Grove High School in Georgia announced his college decision on Monday in an event, in which he became a UCLA Bruin.  His other choices were Duke and Georgia and Ohio State.  It wasn’t a press conference.  It was a friggin event.  If you do not believe me, check out this Tweet.

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WHAT KIND OF KID HAS A PROGRAM FOR A COLLEGE DECISION?  I am ashamed of this because it represents my generation.  Sure, we are not the best thing to ever come around, but I would imagine we did not think so highly of ourselves.  Heck, it might not even be Parker’s choice.  You can’t let people decide to throw you an event about a college choice.  That is just asinine.

From the looks of it, Parker is going to need to get in a little bit better shape for the college grind.  He seems a bit fluffy.  Then again, I am just going off a picture.  He could be in tremendous shape, but I can’t shape a Mike Sweetney feeling about him.  If you do not remember him, he was a star at Georgetown that would have been great in the NBA if he was about two inches taller.  Parker reminds me of that.

Parker is going to have to do big things to make up for this.  I think I need to replan my day.  Who takes that long to announce a choice?