Despite Rivalry, Kentucky Wildcat Terrence Jones Keeps Promise to Louisville Cheerleader

By Marian Hinton

Fresh off his team’s recent NCAA National Championship title over the Kansas Jayhawks, Kentucky Wildcat sophomore guard Terrence Jones proves that he is a man of his word; even when it comes to the Wildcat’s hated rival, the Louisville Cardinals.

Three weeks ago as his Wildcats were taking on the Cardinals in this year’s NCAA Final Four, Jones barreled into Louisville cheerleader Jerica Logue on the sidelines while chasing an errant pass down the court.

You can see the collision below:

As if the blow from the impact of a 6’9″, 252 pound basketball player wouldn’t be painful enough for a petite cheerleader, Logue’s wounds required four stitches to stop the bleeding in her head. She left the floor in tears, was stitched up in the locker room, and later returned court-side to cheer on the Cardinals in their 69-61 defeat at the hands of their in-state rival.

Jones wasn’t aware of her injury when it happened, but when he heard of what happened to Logue after the game, he clearly felt terrible about the incident.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” Jones said. “I’ll drive down there and tell her myself with some flowers or something.”

Yesterday, Jones, a member of the entire starting lineup for the Wildcats to leave school early and enter the NBA Draft,  kept his promise to the cheerleader, driving the 78 miles from Lexington to Louisville to hand-deliver Logue flowers to offer up his apology.

When Jones arrived, Logue told  Kentucky news station WHAS, “I was surprised. I think it’s really nice of him. I know he said he was going to do it, but I didn’t actually think he would.”

Though the two teams are bitter in-state rivals with no love lost between them, you have to give credit to Jones for going out of his way to keep his word.



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