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Big East Basketball: Rick (Louisville) and Richard (FIU) to Coach Against Each Other Next Season

We’ve seen father-son battles in sports before, and we’ll get another one in the Pitino family. Rick Pitino, head coach of Louisville, will square off against his son Richard, who is the new head coach of Florida International.

FIU hired the younger Pitino earlier this year. Once he got the job, his father offered to set up a three game series that would take place over the next three years.

The two schools will do battle on December 19th and then yearly for two years after that.

This is a golden opportunity for FIU. The name value of Richard will certainly attract more recruits, but an annual duel with his father will be enticing in other ways too. I would expect the game to be televised on an ESPN network and FIU will gain a ton of publicity.

With schools jumping conferences left and right, it wouldn’t be out of the question to one day see FIU enter the fleeting Big East. That would secure the matchup of the Pitinos at least once a year and could build a fun rivalry between the two universities.

Richard was an assistant coach for his dad Rick at Louisville.