Syracuse and Pittsburgh Confirm Move From Big East to ACC Next Year

By chrismolicki

This week, both Syracuse and Pittsburgh agreed to a buyout from the Big East to join the ACC next summer in 2013, a year earlier than their originially scheduled date of departure.

The two teams agreed on a $7.5 million buyout, which was $2.5 million more than the original buyout, to leave the conference on July 1, 2013.

Both teams were disgruntled with the fact that West Virginia was allowed to leave immediately, so they took matters into their own hands and negotiated this deal, leaving the conference with only 13 basketball teams.

However, that’s only temporary. With schools like UCF, Memphis, and Temple ready to join the Big East, they’ll still have the same number of teams. But these schools are not nearly as important as Syracuse and Pitt. The conference will obviously take a big hit in this transaction, not just in basketball, but especially in football. On the contrary, the ACC should rise to new heights.

The Big East has been hailed as the best basketball conference in America in recent years. That could all change if they’re unable to continue their success and bring in highly regarded teams. With the college basketball world slowly creeping towards a four power conference landscape, the Big East could be one of the odd men out.

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