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Jabari Parker: Is Duke The Choice?

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Jabari Parker tweeted July 11, that he has named the top 10 college programs he is considering. These names included:  Kentucky, Stanford, Michigan State, Kansas, Florida, Duke, Brigham Young, Georgetown, DePaul, and North Carolina. Although Parker would fit in any of these schools system, his best chance for success is at Duke.

Duke was ranked second in the NCCA B in 2011-2012 and had a record of 27-7, 13-3 in ACC play. Although they fell to the Lehigh Mountain Hawks in the NCAA tournament, it was only their second time in 16 years dropping their first tournament game. Duke has won 4 national championships, with their most recent championship being in 2010.  They were NCAA tournament runner-ups 6 times and made it to the Final Four 15 times.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski has consistently led the Blue Devils to winning records and has a lot of experience turning stars into superstars. Recently, Krzyzewski has worked with names like Austin Rivers, that was recently drafted 10th in this year’s NBA draft by the New Orleans Hornets. Rivers was in a similar situation as Parker, being a top NCAA recruiting pick and in one year turned into a key center-piece to the Hornets’ rebuilding process.

An experienced coach like Krzyzewski knows a lot about talent and thinks highly of the Simeon Career Academy player. According to Parker, Krzyzewski has already given him high praise, comparing him to NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill.

He took an unofficial trip to Duke in January, but has not disclosed any information. Parker hopes to narrow his selection to five by the Fall.




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