Michael Haynes, Iona Basketball, Recruit Shot Dead in Chicago

By Dave Daniels

In sad news, gun violence has been rampant in Chicago all summer, and it just took the life of one of the city’s best young athletes, Michael Haynes, right before departing for his bright future in college basketball.

As confirmed by the Chicago Sun-Times and New York Daily News both confirmed that Haynes was killed Thursday night in Chicago. According to Haynes’ cousin, the Iona basketball recruit was shot dead on Thursday night in front of his house while trying to break up a fight over a stolen necklace near his home.

Heynes was transported to a nearby hospital, but died about an hour after being shot.

“He was an innocent victim, very loved by everybody,” Haynes’ cousin Kandice Blouin told the Sun-Times. “He was our meal ticket. He was going to heal this hood and they took his life.”

Iona coach Tim Cluess was saddened to hear of Haynes’ death; “he was one of those kids you wanted to coach because he was a different personality”

Cluess was reportedly in a state of shock after learning of the Haynes’ death.

“It’s just so hard,” Cluess said. “I don’t know how to describe it. Once you got to know Michael you just couldn’t wait to coach him. He came from a very rough area in Chicago and he just wanted to make a better life for himself. He was just looking for a chance to change his life.”

Haynes will unfortunately never get the chance to do that at Iona. All condolences go out to Haynes’ friends, family, and teammates in this difficult time in their lives.

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