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Ricky Ledo, Providence Fans, Begging for Star Freshman’s Eligibility

The Providence Friars were looking forward to what was supposed to be their best season in recent memory. The development of Vincent Council and LaDontae Henton combined with the arrivals of star freshmen Ricky Ledo and Kris Dunn would propel the Friars from the bottom to the top of the Big East.

But, of course, in traditional Providence-like fashion, things began to go wrong. Dunn hurt his shoulder and had to go in for surgery, something that he is not expected to come back from until December. In addition to that, Ledo may be ineligible to play because of his academics.

An article from a Providence blog was written to express the school’s superior desire to let Ledo play. While the majority of their reasons are jokes, it just goes to show you how badly this college needs the freshman, who could be their savior.

The reason why Ledo’s immediate need is so crucial is because the team will only have Council, its best player for one more year. Whether or not Dunn returns, Ledo and Council have the ability to make one of, if not the best backcourt in the Big East.

The team has not made it to the NCAA tournament since the 2003-04 season. While their stellar freshman class has room for future optimism, Friar fans thought a change in their losing ways would occur right away. That all hinges on Ledo and if he’s allowed to play.

Best case scenario? Ledo is eligible, Dunn returns in December like his old self, and Providence makes a late push for the Big East title.

Worst case scenario? Ledo doesn’t play, Dunn is redshirted after experiencing setbacks, and Council’s senior season at Providence is wasted in mediocrity.

Only time will tell what’s going to happen, but if Ledo can’t play, the Friar faithful will be in for a long season.

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