Fuquan Edwin will be on and off court leader of Seton Hall

By chrismolicki

Distant memories are the days of Jeremy Hazell. Gone  is floor general Jordan Theodore and post wizard Herb Pope. What lies before us is a very young Seton Hall basketball team. The three aforementioned players were all seniors when they led the Pirates, so one would think a senior will lead this year’s squad. But for a team very short on seniors, junior Fuquan Edwin is the likeliest to step up.

Edwin is currently this best player on the Seton Hal roster. He’s great in the transition game and finishes well at the basket. His three point shooting is good and getting better. He also rebounds very well for a 6′ 6″ forward. However, his greatest asset is his defense.

Last season, Edwin averaged 3 steal per game which nearly led the nation. He had five or more steals on five separate occasions, including 8 against Mercer. Edwin’s length is not the only reason for this. He has great anticipation for the ball. He’ll beat the ball to its target the majority of the time. This leads to the rest of the team playing hard on defense and tipping balls, which makes Edwin incredibly valuable.

After averaging 7.9 points and 3.3 rebounds his freshman season, Edwin upped it to 12.5 and 6.2 when he was a sophomore. Now that he’s “the man,” look for his numbers to rise even more.

The fact that Edwin excels in so many areas is what makes him great. He does need to work on his ball handling, but otherwise, he’s solid all around and has sky high potential to be even better. After his senior year, it’s very possible that we’ll see him in the NBA draft.

The Pirates are young this season and it may be a bit of a rebuilding year. However, there is plenty of talent from transfers, freshmen, and returning players, they’ll just need to put it all together. That will be Edwin’s job. If he can find balance for this team and still play his own game, watch out for Seton Hall to have a surprising amount of success.

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