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UCLA Basketball: Tony Parker Injures Hamstring In Practice

After highly sought after recruit Tony Parker, (no not the point guard from the San Antonio Spurs), from Lithonia/Miller Grove, committed to UCLA, it vaulted their recruiting class to No.1 among 2012 classes nationally. Parker was the 26th overall prospect in the ESPN 100 2012 class, a 6-9 power forward who, although a little small, is a dominant force down low. Parker was swayed to attend UCLA after he saw that fellow high school standouts Shabazz MuhammedKyle Anderson, and Jordan Adams decided to also attend UCLA.

So it seems that everything would be happy in Bruin land, what with the top recruiting class, the projections of going far in the NCAAtournament, and such, but not so. For the last few seasons it seems that nothing can go right for the Bruins. They have not had great teams for the last two years, but the teams were talented. They had high hopes last season, and were ranked in the pre-season top 25, but were quickly pushed out of the rankings when they dropped a few early games to some sub-par teams.

Now, it seems as though another piece of bad news has struck Bruin nation as Tony Parker injured his hamstring in practice earlier today and is expected to be out for 2-4 weeks. The injury puts in question Parker’s availability  for UCLA’s trip to China in late August. The trip to China is the first of it’s kind for UCLA, and will occur in late August. The men’s basketball team will make a summer tour around China, playing other collegiate level teams,and the Chinese national team.

Now, although the injury is said to only sideline Parker for 2-4 weeks, you have to remember that it is a hamstring injury, which is one of the worst injuries you can have. A hamstring injury can linger all season, constantly popping up at the wrong time and sidelining you once again. Any minor tweak to the hamstring and Parker will once again have to sit out. In my opinion the safe bet for UCLA would be too sideline Parker for the entire trip to China. Getting him back healthy for the start of the 2012-2013 NCAA season is what is most important at this point.