Marquette Golden Eagles: University Self-Reported Potential Violation

Usually the NCAA has to catch a program violating the rules it has been in place. Yet, every once in a while a university will be proactive in hopes of softening the blow as far as punishment goes. The latter seems like the case as the Marquette Golden Eagles have reported potential violations to the governing body of college sports.

While the nature of the violations have yet to be disclosed Marquette AD Larry Williams has released a statement. ”Recently, during the athletic department’s normal course of business, we discovered information regarding a possible NCAA rules violation involving our men’s basketball program,” Williams said. “Marquette University takes these matters seriously. Upon learning the information, we followed established protocols and reported the matter directly to the NCAA.”

Williams also stated that the university is helping the NCAA with the investigation of the possible violation(s).

This is not the first encounter with problems for Marquette. Williams replaced Steve Cottingham as the school’s vice president and director of athletics in December. Under Cottinham the school was under scrutiny from how they handled 2 separate cases of alleged sexual assault involving athletes.

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