NCAA Basketball

Big East Hires Mike Aresco as New Commissioner

In search for a new commissioner, the Big East plans on hiring CBS Sports executive vice president Mike Aresco for the job. Aresco has been with CBS Sports since 1996.

Aresco will replace former Big East commissioner John Marinatto, who resigned in May. Marinatto was around for less than three years, and experienced the departures of big name schools like West Virginia and the eventual losses of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. To counter, the Big East has added UCF, Memphis, SMU, Houston, and Temple, as well as San Diego St., Boise St., and Navy for strictly football.

It’s hard to say whether or not those gains make up for the losses, but Aresco certainly has his work cut out for him. The possibility of bigger power conferences is looming and the Big East may be on the outside looking in, mainly due to their weak competition in football.

In addition to all of that, teams such as Louisville, Rutgers, USF, and Connecticut have all discussed leaving the conference. Aresco must find a way to not only keep the Big East together, but strengthen it in the process.

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