Could the NCAA Rule on Providence Freshman Ricky Ledo This Week?

Providence basketball is on the rise under second-year head coach Ed Cooley. This much seems inevitable.

Kris Dunn, one of the top point guards in the country, joins Josh Fortune and Ian Baker among the Friars’ incoming freshmen, yet the most talked about prospects heading to PC is that of Ricky Ledo.

Ledo, a hometown star and native of Providence, has bounced around from high school to high school, four in total, making his transcript and academic requirements very difficult to read and go through.

However, according to a report from, a decision could be coming soon, maybe even this week.

Friar fans are on edge with Ledo, as they know he could be a huge difference maker in their ability to rise in the Big East Conference in 2012-13. Providence will certainly be much improved with a strong mix of returning veterans, incoming freshmen and transfers, but Ledo would instantly be among their top threats.

Ledo reportedly has a strong-enough SAT score to qualify this season, but the NCAA also takes into effect one’s qualifying curriculum and GPA from high school.

At 6-foot-6, Ledo has tremendous ability, and may already be considered a one-and-done type player. There are a few possible rulings that the NCAA could go with, ranging from a non-qualifier to a full-qualifier. If Ledo is ruled a non-qualifier, he could very well play overseas (possibly Puerto Rico) or head to the JUCO level before claiming eligibility for the 2013 NBA Draft.

Providence fans however, are hoping full-qualifier is the verdict, yet anything in between could become even more complicated.

Ledo recently attended the South Kent School (CT) and ESPN listed the guard at No. 21 in their final class of 2012 player rankings.

It’ll be big news, especially in Providence, when the NCAA makes its decision.

Could we here something this week on the matter?


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