Mike Brey Tweets Picture of Himself and His "Dawg" 2 Chainz

By Paul Seaver

Over the weekend, Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey tweeted a photo of himself and the famous up-and-coming rapper, 2 Chainz.

The point? Well, more than likely it’s a recruiting strategy.

For those who are up on their rap music, 2 Chainz has been on-the-rise recently, thanks a number of recent hits with big names like Kanye West, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

So, if Brey wants to tweet out a photo of him and his “dawg,” well recruits are surely to be receptive.


Here is the tweet and photo of Brey and 2 Chainz:



Brey has spent the past 12 seasons at Notre Dame, qualifying for the NCAA Tournament eight times, including a recent stretch of five of the past six years.

Last season the Fightin’ Irish finished the year at 22-12 overall, a surprise run that included a home victory over then-No. 1 Syracuse that really catapulted their season.

Social media advantages and public offerings are strategies used by college basketball programs to impact their chances of landing recruits. Recently, we saw Kentucky and head coach John Calipari give rapper Drake a championship ring, celebrating their 2012 national title. This, as if, the Wildcats needed anymore tools in landing recruits given their rich basketball tradition and success.

Long story-short, if Brey managed to impact a few recruits that just so happen to listen to 2 Chainz, well maybe the quick photo worked its advantages.

Worst case scenario, well he looks cool.


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