Iona Recruit Michael Haynes Killer Arrested and Held in Cook County Prison

By Dave Daniels

A week after Michael Haynes was shot, his potential killer is currently being held in suspicion for the crime. Cinque Lee was arrested Tuesday July 31st in connection to the death of Haynes.

“He was an innocent victim, very loved by everybody,” Haynes’ cousin, Kandice Blouin told the Chicago Sun-Times. “He was our meal ticket. He was going to heal this hood and they took his life.”

The Chicago Tribune has reported that Haynes was shot by Lee over a fight about a necklace by a close friend. Haynes was less than a week from playing basketball for Iona College in New York, and the timing of his death could not be more heartbreaking.

“The Iona family is devastated with the news on Michael’s passing,” said Iona College head coach Tim Cluess. “His passion, energy and excitement for his opportunity this year makes this tragedy even more upsetting. Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Lee is being held in a Cook County facility and he was refused bail on August 2nd, so that means he will continue to be held in the facility. Hopefully his incarcaration will give the Haynes’ family some relief, because they have even more grief to deal with.

In other troubling news for the Haynes’ family, Michael Haynes’ younger brother, Brian, was arrested after his brother’s murder for threatening to shoot 4 unarmed individuals.

My condolences go out to the Haynes family, who surely did not deserve even further grief after what happened to their son. Michael Haynes is survived by his father and sisters.

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