NCAA Basketball

Boise State Basketball: Ditching WAC, Set to Join Big West

The Boise State basketball program has decided to join the Big West Conference  for the start of the 2013-14 season. While this is not yet set in stone, it seems to be the area that the Broncos are moving in.

While some Big East fans may wish Boise St. joined their conference, it was never really an option. Their initial plan was to keep their basketball program in the WAC. However, when they decided against that, they were going to either join the Big West for basketball or go back to the Mountain West for all sports.

Because of that plan, the Big East will help Boise St. pay extra cash that they will need to pay to get into the Big West for basketball in order to ensure that they will stay within the Big East for football.

San Diego St. is in the same boat as Boise St., joining the Big West for basketball and the Big East for football.

The Big West presidents will take a formal vote on the issue sometime within the next month or so.


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