Iowa Hawkeyes Freshman Kyle Meyer Arrested For Public Intoxication

By Riley Schmitt

Kyle Meyer is supposed to be part of the new movement of Iowa Hawkeyes basketball.  Unfortunately, he has not gotten off to the best start as Meyer was arrested for public intoxication Friday night in Iowa City.  The freshman is certainly not off to a great start.

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As a student at the pristine University of Iowa, this is not much of a shock.  This is not an indictment on Kyle Meyer but a lot of students get arrested in the good old IC.  Not many of them, however, tend to be athletes.  Meyer is supposed to be a boost in the post but this won’t win him any fans on the coaching staff.

Although this ticket is not a big deal in the long run, everything gets magnified in Iowa City.  The city is pretty much a fishbowl as far as athletes are concerned.  Everything gets noticed right away and people will talk about it.  I guess that makes up for not having a pro sports team in the state.

I imagine that this will not affect the standing of Meyer with the team but he might have to do some extra running and such in practice.  Breaking the law is never a good thing, but Meyer is a young kid.  He will learn from this and hopefully turn out better for this.

Hopefully this is not an omen for the Iowa basketball team.  This could be the year they return to something resembling prominence and they need all hands on deck.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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