Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Previewing Nerlens Noels' Skills

By Trevor Lowry

For the second straight year, the Kentucky Wildcats will have the best shot-blocker in the nation, but instead of Anthony Davis, the Wildcats will have Nerlens Noel.

Noel will not only have the privilege of wearing a Wildcat jersey this year, but he will also be considered the best defender in the nation. No big deal. He is only a freshman and all.

Outside of being a one-man wrecking crew on defense, Noel also has an offensive game to go along with that.

At 6’11”, Noel is a freak on the boards. This is a plus on both sides of the court.

However, for a big man, he has rather good ball-handling skills and is a good passer.

The only thing that Noel is really missing is a perimeter game, but he will most likely develop this, along with his shot at Kentucky. Since Noel has mad hops and is a great athlete, you can bet that he throws down with his dunks.

Much like Davis, Noel should be the best player in the county this season because of his defensive abilities alone. Luckily for the Wildcats, they will have a great chance at winning the national championship again this year, thanks to them having the best player in the country.

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