Oklahoma State Point Guard Cezar Guerrero Leaving the Program

By rodneyknuppel

The Oklahoma State Cowboys went into the summer with the idea that they could compete for a NCAA tournament berth. Their chances got worse this week when they found out that point guard Cezar Guerrero had elected to leave the

Travis Ford was excited about his sophomore point guard, who scored 5.6 points and dished out 1.6 assists per season his freshmen year. Guerrero went with the Cowboys to Spain, and played real well. Guerrero started six games last season, and his biggest game was a 29 point outburst in the second round of the NIT season tip-off against UT-San Antonio. Coach Ford had this to say about his departure:

“I have spoken with Cezar and his brother, J.C., and understand the difficult time their family is going through,” Ford said in a press release. We wish Cezar nothing but the best, and pray for a speedy recovery for his mother, Martha. Cezar has been a valuable member of this team, and we appreciate all the contributions that he has made to the program. We will certainly help him in any way possible to locate a school near his home that will give him an opportunity to continue his education while also pursuing his basketball career.”

Rumors are circulating as to where Guerrero is going to enroll at, but many feel it will be within driving distance of Los Angeles, which is where he grew up.  Guerrero’s mother has been struck with some recent bouts of poor health. With Guerrero leaving before the start of school, he has preserved his entire season of eligibility. Guerrero had this to say regarding his leaving the program:

“I really need to be near my mother during this difficult time for her,” Guerrero said. It’s a difficult decision for me, but being with my mom and my family is the most important thing right now. It’s unfortunate, because I have really enjoyed my year at OSU and being a part of the Cowboy basketball family. Coach Ford has been like a father-figure to me, and I appreciate everything he’s done for me, as a player and a person. It’s disappointing for me to leave, because I think this team could be something special this season. It will be an exciting team to watch.”

It is reported that Guerrero is leaving Oklahoma State in good academic standing. It will be interesting to see where Guerrero ends up. He will be a nice addition to many college basketball teams. Also, the Cowboys are now scrambling for someone to take over the roll, of arguably the most important position on the court.


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