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NCAA Basketball

Aquille Carr, Seton Hall Recruit Will Not Compete in Under Amour Elite 24

After being arrested last week for assault, Seton Hall 2013 recruit Aquille Carr will not participate in the Under Armour Elite 24 in Venice Beach, California coming up this weekend. Carr was expected to compete in the festivities like he did last year, but has chosen otherwise, most likely due to his run in with the law.

Details emerged that the warrant of the arrest was for Carr allegedly throwing the mother of his infant child to the ground and kicking her after the two took part in an argument.

The main Elite 24 events this weekend will be the slam dunk contest and the all-star game.

While it seems that Carr is pulling out of the Elite 24 because of his arrest, further consequences still remain to be seen. Carr is committed to head coach Kevin Willard and Seton Hall, but nothing is set in stone. Carr was planning on transferring to St. Patrick’s High School in New Jersey from his hometown in Baltimore, but his decision against the move shows the 5′ 7″ guard may be a bit fickle.

The Pirates will have their fingers crossed. This is a story to follow for more results.

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