NCAA Basketball

Kevin Willard, Jay Wright Out on Campus

The Seton Hall basketball team and coach Kevin Willard returned from their trip to Spain late last night. Instead of sleeping in this morning, though, Willard made sure he and his players were up and out to help freshmen move in on campus.

This next picture is less creepy, don’t worry.

Having his basketball players out early after traveling is a nice gesture and it sends a positive message to the student body — these guys aren’t above their peers.

Villanova coach Jay Wright, whose community involvement has been documented as well, also tweeted about his excitement for move-in day.

We’ll see what Wright has up his sleeve this year, but topping his participation in a “welcome back week” flash mob last year won’t be easy. (Fast forward to about the 2:10 mark to see Wright busting moves.)

For both coaches, fostering a sense of loyalty and equality with the student body can only be beneficial to their programs. Villanova is coming off a disappointing 13-19 season and Seton Hall hasn’t received a bid to the NCAA Tournament in ages. Community involvement will help ensure that students fill up seats this year as both teams try to ascend past mediocrity.

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