Top 10 NBA Players That Would be The Most Terrifying to Play Against in High School

By Eric Domingo

The NBA season is still pretty far away, but the high school season is right around the corner. Imagine if some of the best players NBA could play against kids in high school. Some players would probably average close to 40 ppg. Here are my top 10 NBA players I believe would be the most terrifying to play against in high school:

1. Lebron James

James is the best player on the planet hands down. His work in the 2011-2012 season should have solidified his greatness among the NBA elites. He’s a 6’9 forward that is as strong as a center and has the speed and handles of a point guard. James is a mismatch for any basketball player on the earth.

2. Kevin Durant

In my opinion, Durant is the second best player on the planet. I know Kobe Bryant fans probably don’t want to hear this but it’s true. Durant is 6’9 and I believe he has the best jump shot in the NBA. He can shoot over any defender and can get to the basket at will.

3. Kobe Bryant

Brant is just a nightmare to guard. He may be third to Durant and James, but I believe Bryant is the best closer in the game. He can get off any shot he wants and he makes the most impossible shots look easy.

4. Dwyane Wade

It may seem like I’m a Miami Heat fan, but Wade is literally this good. Before he played with James, he was the Heat’s franchise player and a force on offense and defense. He can get to the rim at will and he blocks shots.

5. Carmelo Anthony

Anthony is just a flat out bully when he has the ball. He pushes defenders around and muscles his way to the basket. If you give him space, he’ll knock down the mid range shot or the cold blooded three. I still remember when he broke Chicago Bulls fans heart last season, hitting back to back threes, carrying the New York Knicks to a overtime victory.

6. Dirk Nowitzki

Nowitzki is the best big man shooter in the NBA. He’s 7 foot and he shoots like a shooting guard. I still remember when he broke Heat fans hearts with his unstoppable play in the 2010-2011 NBA finals. He would destroy any high school defender. Nowitzki would make high school games look like he’s shooting alone in a gym.

7. Derrick Rose

It pains me to have Rose so low, but his injuries last year made him No. 7. In my opinion, the 2010-2011 MVP is the fastest player in the league. He has amazing crossovers and the strength to finish over any defender at the rim. He may only be 6’3 and 190 lbs, but no high school player would want to challenge Rose at the rim.

8. Dwight Howard

Howard is just a beast in the paint. He’s 6’11 and he’s 265 lbs all muscle. He man handles any NBA center guarding him and would definitely do the same to any high school player. He strong, athletic, and has developed a solid post game, that has made him almost unguardable.

9. Russell Westbrook

His play in the 2011-2012 NBA playoffs and finals, earned his spot at No. 9. Westbrook has to have springs on the bottom of his shoes because he makes dunking look so easy. When he dunked over Argentina’s  Leonardo Gutierrez in the 2012 Olympics, I literally jumped out of my seat. He’s so explosive and is a nightmare on offense and defense.

10. Chris Paul

Paul may only be 6 foot, but he plays a lot bigger. He’s arguably the best point guard in the league and has the patience and skill of a NBA veteran. He gets wherever he wants on the floor and can get everybody involved on his team. He may be smaller then some high school players, but he can easily get 60 points, in any game he wants.

Is there a NBA player I left out? Let me know your top 10 NBA players that would be the most terrifying to play against in high school! Follow me at @ericdomingo3 on Twitter or like my page on Facebook.


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